Bernie Lim is a registered and experienced real estate professional in Western Australia and in Singapore, helping many families and investors across both countries to market and source for suitable residential and commercial properties.

He believes that real estate is about people, and more importantly about you – our investors, home owners and businesses.

With over 10 years in real estate sales, tenancy and management across Singapore and Australia, Bernie Lim has established many trusted and happy customers through a reliable and transparent approach in any of the property marketing and dealing.

Bernie Lim has over 22 years of corporate world leading many commercial, sales and marketing roles before joining the real estate industry. His experience in the corporate management, real estate and coupled with his creative digital marketing skills, he and his team is able to bring the best marketing exposure and trusted approach in any of the property transactions.

He is also multi-lingual in Chinese, Bahasa and English and well recognised in the Perth community circle.